The Truth for Kyle Brennan

The Church of Scientology & the Death of Kyle Brennan

Interview w/Coy Barefoot;Tragic Death of Kyle Brennan

Kyle’s death and the Church of Scientology-What Really Happened?

There are a number of still unexplained mysteries that surround the tragic death of 20-year old Kyle Brennan at the home of his Scientologist father in Clearwater, Florida in February 2007. You listen to the evidence and decide for yourself: are the police telling the truth?

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Inside Charlottesville with Coy Barefoot 2015/5.12.15/VictoriaandRick5.12.15.mp3

Inside Charlottesville with Coy Barefoot is a news-talk-and-ideas program that originates from Charlottesville, Virginia. A veteran journalist, speaker, best-selling author and historian, Coy Barefoot is the program’s creator, host and Executive Producer. Coy teaches history at the University of Virginia and serves as the President and Executive Director of the Virginia History Lab.

In this special, extended edition of Inside Charlottesville, Victoria and Rick Britton discuss the tragic death of 20-year-old Kyle Brennan at the home of his Scientologist father, Tom Brennan, in Clearwater, Florida in February 2007. Victoria is Kyle’s mother and Rick is his step-father. There are a number of mysteries and still-unanswered questions surrounding Kyle’s tragic death. Was this a suicide or something else? Rick begins the program with this preface: “My 20-year-old step-son Kyle Brennan died eight years ago—the evening of February 16, 2007—under extremely suspicious circumstances in the Clearwater, Florida, apartment of his Scientologist father Tom Brennan. (In downtown Clearwater, the nearby Fort Harrison Hotel is the worldwide headquarters of the Church of Scientology.) This path that my wife Victoria and I are on started eight years ago with Victoria asking questions of the Clearwater police. Eight years later many of those basic questions are still unanswered. Thanks to all the lying done by the police, the medical examiner’s office, and the Scientologists involved, we still don’t know how Kyle died. Of one thing we’re certain—presented with the facts of the case, and proof of the numerous lies told, any reasonable person would conclude, as we have, that something other than what was reported by the police took place in Tom Brennan’s apartment the evening Kyle died. Innocent people don’t lie.” 2015/5.12.15/VictoriaandRick5.12.15.mp3


“The Kyle Brennan investigation was merely a box to be checked on the way to a foregone conclusion in which only the victim is to blame.” 


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