The Truth for Kyle Brennan

The Church of Scientology & the Death of Kyle Brennan

Kyle Brennan; The Death of a Scientologist’s Son

Kyle Brennan – The Death Of A Scientologist’s Son – Lateet

The circumstances surrounding the death of 20-year-old Kyle Brennan in 2007 warrant discussion for anyone interested in the workings of Scientology and its strange relationship with the American judiciary.

To understand the circumstances around the case, some key issues need to be understood. Firstly, Kyle suffered from depression and was taking Lexapro to alleviate the symptoms. The practice of taking psychiatric drugs goes against one of the core belief systems of Scientology. His father had moved away from the family home several years previous and originally moved to West Tampa, where he joined the local Scientologist organization to undergo training. Within a few months of joining the ‘Church’ he became acquainted with one of Scientology’s more infamous members, Denise Miscavige Gentile, the twin sister of Scientology leader David Miscavige. In May 2006 Gentile became Brennan’s Scientology “auditor”. From there, it has been stated that Brennan’s commitment to the Organization was devout.


4 thoughts on “Kyle Brennan; The Death of a Scientologist’s Son

  1. This is so awful! I feel so saddened to read this. My heart goes out to you for the loss of your son, the lack of justice or accountability, ….all of it! Sending on love and healing!

  2. This is a terrible accounting of your son’s death but even more terrible is that when this father found his son, he had to ring someone to ask what to do. Stand fast, Victoria.

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