The Truth for Kyle Brennan

Scientology & the Death of Kyle Brennan

Investigator Ray Emmons

“A seasoned policeman, Ray Emmons looked exactly as I’d imagined him. Dressed in a plaid shirt—one that only accentuated the extra weight around the middle—he sported a ball cap that read “Here’s a Salt of the Earth Guy.” He was obviously a no-nonsense, unflinching old-fashioned investigator.”  Anybody’s Child: Scientology & the Death of Kyle Brennan

Apparently not Investigator Emmons. 

Ray Emmons-Steven D. Merryday, Federal Judge 001

Emails: 2009-10 

Emmons-Interview with Bohling 001

Emmons-Kyle 001

R.Emmons email 001

email-Ray 001

Emmons Email-2009 001

Ray Emmons email-Clearwater Police Info 001

Emmons, 2009 email 001

Emmons-Newspaper Email 001

Ray Emmons-talks McCabe 001

Email-Emmons, 2009 001

Emmons-Brennan Email 001

WWP Emmons Email 001

Emmons email-amo information 001

Ray Email Amo 001

Emmons WWP Site-Email 001

Death of Bob Minton

Minton Death, Emmons Email 001

The Emmons Report

Scientology and the Aftermath

In the name of Miscavige; A Scientology Knowledge Report

The fabricated Knowledge Report pertaining to Kyle was used as a prop in Season I (2016-17) Episode 6 of A&E Aftermath 


LR: Your personal relationships are being corroded over time. So it’s easy to walk away from someone. It’s easy to be disassociated from any real emotion from people that you love.

KR from Jerry Gentile Re: Tom Brennan; Kyle Brennan [.467 seconds]
S1E6(YT) |

Information: Mike Rinder, Debbie Cook Letter, Mark C. Rathbun

Deposition of Mark C. Rathbun; The Church of Scientology, Clearwater & Corruption

Vetting information:Chapters ten-fourteen

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