The Truth for Kyle Brennan

Scientology & the Death of Kyle Brennan

Judge Ben Krentzman, Attorney Paul Johnson Information

F. Lee Bailey had once been one of America’s finest criminal defense lawyers and one of the most famous thanks to his involvement in numerous legendary cases. In 1966, in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, Bailey proved that Dr. Sam Sheppard—accused of killing his wife—had been denied due process. A not guilty verdict quickly followed. The inspiration for “The Fugitive” and the motion picture starring Harrison Ford, this headline-making case established Bailey’s fame. He successfully defended Capt. Ernest Medina when he was court-martialed for his responsibility for the Vietnam War’s horrendous Mai Lai Massacre, but was unsuccessful in defending Patty Hearst. And he was one of the “dream team” lawyers for the defense in the O. J. Simpson murder case. Bailey’s fame dissipated swiftly and notoriously, however, when the State of Florida disbarred him in 2001 for taking millions of dollars in trial compensation that the government claimed he wasn’t entitled to. Massachusetts followed suit in 2003. Disbarred and broke, in 2009 Bailey retreated out of the limelight to Yarmouth, Maine, a picturesque little town twelve miles north of Portland.)

St. Petersburg Times, Paul Johnson, Judge Krentzman 001

St. Petersburg Times, Scientology Operatives 001

Peter J. Grilli P.A. (mediator) United States District Court-Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division.  Estate of Kyle Brennan vs. Church of Scientology   

Peter Grilli Mediator 001

Peter Grilli 001

Grilli, Page 3 001

Mediation, Ken Dandar email 001

Ken Dandar, Mediation Info 001

Plantiffs Motion to reopen Discovery #1 001

Lirot, Reopen dicovery page 2 001

Motion to reopen Discovery #3 001

Motion to reopen Discovery #4 001

Judge Ben Krentzman Article, Clearwater Sun 001

Michael Flynn, Judge Krentzman, Judge Steven D. Merryday 001

Vicki Aznaran Declaration. Judge Krentzman, David Miscavige 001

Vicki Aznaran, Kretzman, Declaration 001

Vicki Aznaran, Judge Krentzman, Information 001

Sep 7, 2004 … 1985: CoS attorney, Paul B. Johnson is tried in Orlando, FL, for allegedly bribing Hillsborough County commissioners to favor his client, Hubbard Construction Co. He is later defended by F. Lee Bailey.

Tom Brennan Deposition Excerpt 

paul-johnson-001 (1)

Clearwater Police Detective Stephen Bohling 

Paul Johnson, smear campaign 001

Bohling, Paul Johnson 001

rathbun (1)

The Emmons Report: Excerpt from Chronological Events  

The Emmons Report-Judge Krentzman 001

Emmons Report, Judge Krentzman, Page 2 001.jpg

Emmons Report, Judge Krentzman, pg. 3 001

The Emmons Report: Excerpt from the Investigative Summary  

The Emmons Report, Paul Johnson, Krentzman 001

Ken Dandar Email 001

Page two, Britton Affidavit 001

Page Three, Britton Affidavit 001

Page four, Britton Affidavit 001

Britton Affidavit, Page five 001

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