The Truth for Kyle Brennan

The Church of Scientology & the Death of Kyle Brennan

Documents: Clearwater Police, Deposition Excerpts

Denise Miscavige

Denise Miscavige, Auditor, Position of Power, C. Crimy Show 001

Denise Miscavige-Priest Penitent privilege

Tom Brennan deposition

Denise Miscavige, Priest Penitent Priv, C. Crimy Show 001

Denise Miscavige Gentile, Scientology,Auditor,Kyle Brennan, 001

Denise Miscavige, Auditor, Privilege Log, C. Crimy Show 001

Dr. Stephen McNamara 

Property of the “Estate of Kyle Brennan.” Not to copied or distributed without permission. 

Dr. S. McNamara, Estate of Kyle Brennan, C. Crimy Show 001

Dr. Steven McNamara, doc. 2, Medicine, C. Crimy Show 001

Dr. Stephen McNamara, C. Crimy show 001

Dr. Stephen McNamara, Matha Scholl, info, C. Crimy Show 001

Clearwater Police Report Excerpt written by Detective Stephen Bohling

CWP, Report, Martha Scholl, Contact Lies, 001

CWP Report, McNamara Contact Lies, Bohling 001

Detective Jon Yuen

Clearwater Police, Jon Yuen, Medicine, C.Crimy Show 001

Tom Brennan

Tom Brennan, Deposition Excerpt, Medicine, C. Crimy Show 001

Brennan Deposition, Chaplain, Medicine 001

Chaplain Denise, Brennan, Lies 001

Denise Miscavige 

Denise Miscavige, CWP Report, Kyle's Medicine 001

Tom Brennan Deposition

Denise Miscavige, Narconon Call, 001

Narconon, Brennan, Rest and Relaxation 001

Denise Miscavige(August, 2008) Gerald Gentile(July, 2008)-Interview, Clearwater Police Report

Gerald Gentile, Cleveland Street, Arrival Time 001

Gerald Gentile Deposition

Gerald gentile, Brennan, Phonecall 001

Clearwater Police Interview: Gerald Gentile

Gerald Gentile, Cleveland Street Apartment 001

Gentile Deposition Excerpt

Gerald Gentile, Time-frame 001

Denise Miscavige

Denise Miscavige, Cleveland Street, Lies 001

Denise Miscavige Gentile Deposition Excerpt

Denise Miscavige, Death of Kyle 001

Denise Miscavige, Cleveland Street, Lies 002

Denise Miscavige, Book Borrowing Lies 001

Denise Miscavige, Book Borrowing Alibi 001

Denise Miscavige, Lies regarding time sequence 001

Tom Brennan 

Cause of Death, Brennan's Response 001

Brennan, Deposition, Denise Alibi, 001

Brennan, Time-frame, Documents, Book Alibi 001

Brennan, Phone Calls, Cleveland Street 001

Brennan, Deposition, Time-frame, 001

Time-frame, Brennan, Miscavige 001

Black PR

Detective Stephen Bohling 

bohling-black-pr-file-0011.jpg (1090×354)

bohling-black-pr-campaign-001.jpg (1063×120)

black-pr-of-kyle-brennan-bohling-deposition-001.jpg (1123×1674)







Attorney Robert Potter-Victoria Britton-June 16, 2010

attorney-robert-potter-black-pr-001.jpg (2038×1905)

sarah-heller-robert-potter-black-pr-001.jpg (2081×2677)

robert-potter-black-pr-kyle-brennan-001.jpg (2038×2669)

robert-potter-smear-campaign-kyle-brennan-001.jpg (2067×2143)

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