The Truth for Kyle Brennan

Scientology & the Death of Kyle Brennan

Crime Scene Information

Evidence, Kyle Brennan, Death, Scientology 001

Kyle is right handed- 

Exit wounds are usually larger than the entrance wound and this is because as the round moves through the body of the victim it slows down and explodes within the tissue and surrounding muscle. This slowing down of the projectile means that as it reaches the end of its trajectory it has to force harder to push through. This equates to the exit wound normally looking larger and considerably more destructive than its pre-cursor – the entrance wound.


Jennifer McCabe, Pinellas County, Kyle Brennan, Scientology, 001


Evidence-McCabe, Sheriff's Office, Pinellas County 001

Jennifer McCabe, Bernie McCabe, Pinellas County, Kyle Brennan, 001

Excerpt from deposition of  Detective Stephen Bohling

Detective Bohling Deposition-Handwriting -Notes 001


Excerpt from deposition of Victoria Britton

Victoria Britton Deposition-Notes-Handwriting 001

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