The Truth for Kyle Brennan

The Church of Scientology & the Death of Kyle Brennan

Crime Scene Information(documents)

The Kyle Brennan Investigation


Evidence, Kyle Brennan, Death, Scientology 001

Kyle is right-handed 

Exit wounds are usually larger than the entrance wound and this is because as the round moves through the body of the victim it slows down and explodes within the tissue and surrounding muscle. This slowing down of the projectile means that as it reaches the end of its trajectory it has to force harder to push through. This equates to the exit wound normally looking larger and considerably more destructive than its pre-cursor – the entrance wound.



Jennifer McCabe, Pinellas County, Kyle Brennan, Scientology, 001

Evidence-McCabe, Sheriff's Office, Pinellas County 001

Where is the GSR test?

Jennifer McCabe, Bernie McCabe, Pinellas County, Kyle Brennan, 001

• Lies and red flags concerning police procedures – Asked by Kyle’s family whether a gunshot residue test had been performed on his hands, Bohling answered “no.” Asked if the weapon that killed Kyle had been tested for fingerprints, Bohling answered: “No, we never processed the weapon or the scene for fingerprints.” However: The police report revealed that Kyle’s hands and the weapon had been tested. The GSR test was withheld from further analysis by the detective. The weapon tested for fingerprints came back negative of fingerprints or ridge detail. Also: At Thomas Brennan’s apartment, where Kyle died, the bullet that killed Kyle was never found. (Neither was the box of ammunition.) With a missing bullet, no GSR test, and a weapon negative for fingerprints it cannot be determined who pulled the trigger on the weapon that killed my son, or if he was killed by the weapon found on the scene.

Deposition excerpts of Victoria Britton

Victoria Britton, Scientology, Kyle Brennan,GSR Evidence 001

Critical pages pertaining to the weapon and ammunition were removed from the completed deposition of  Thomas Brennan by his attorneys. Kyle’s family would not have the full deposition including the omitted pages until five years after his death.

Tom Brennan; A Weapon and Bullet List of Contradictory Statements

Excerpt from the deposition of  Detective Stephen Bohling

Detective Bohling Deposition-Handwriting -Notes 001

Bohling, Suicide Note 001

Excerpt from the deposition of Victoria Britton

Victoria Britton Deposition-Notes-Handwriting 001

 Kyle’s life was not worth more than ten-thirty minutes of time.

Deposition excerpt from Clearwater Police Jon Yuen

Yuen, Interview Time-frame 001

Yuen, Brennan Interview 002

Yuen, Brennan, Interview 001

Gerald Gentile

Gentile;Time-frame, Yuen-Brennan Interview 001

Gentile-Interview Yuen-Brennan 001

Tom Brennan’s answer to the wrongful death complaint

brennan answer murder 001

System’s of power self-protect  

“The Kyle Brennan investigation was merely a box to be checked on the way to a foregone conclusion in which only the victim is to blame.” 

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