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Scientology & the Death of Kyle Brennan

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A Potential Trouble Source-Declaration of Lance Marcor, A Scientology; " Knowledge Report", Clearwater's Pollution, Denise Miscavige Gentile: Scientology, Deputy Stephen Bohling, Detective John Yuen, Detective Jonathan Yuen, Detective Steve Bohling, District Six Medical Examiner's Office-Pinellas County:Investigator Martha J. Scholl, Gerald & Denise Miscavige, Hillsborough County Sheriffs Department, Jeffrey and Carrie Farrell, San Diego, CA., Jerry Gentile, Judge Robert Beach, Judge Steven D. Merryday, Kyle's death and the Church of Scientology, Lies of the Father, Perjury, Plea for Information, State Attorney-Sixth Judicial Court, The Handling of Kyle, Tom Brennan; Lies of the Father, Uncategorized, Weapon and Bullet List of Contradictory Statements made by Tom Brennan

A Weapon and Bullet List of Contradictory Statements