The Truth for Kyle Brennan

The Church of Scientology & the Death of Kyle Brennan

Attorney Ken Dandar

Attorney Ken Dandar helped McPherson’s family battle the church, but years later, the Church is still trying to stop Dandar from helping other families.

“According to Dandar, “Something doesn’t smell right.” We asked him what the public should think when they see this and he added: “Something bad is going on in Pinellas County.”

Dandar is talking about how the Church settled the Lisa McPherson case. A former top-ranking Scientologist- Marty Rathbun says the Pinellas County Judge handling the McPherson case, Judge Robert Beach, should never have met with Church attorney Lee Fugate about the case.

According to Rathbun “Fugate was convincing Beach this case had nothing to do with justice; it had nothing to do with recompense; it was a bunch of money-hungry relatives that didn’t care about McPherson.”

However, Judge Robert Beach says, “I have never had any conversations with Scientologists outside of the courtroom.

But Dandar, who is suing the Church- saying it violated his civil rights, says the issues go way beyond one judge.

“The implication not only involves attorneys and a judge; it involves law enforcement.”

Appeals court rules in favor of Tampa attorney in years-long fight with …

Five years after Kyle’s death, an interesting story was reported by WTSP News in Tampa. On November 9, 2012, Mark C. Rathbun—Scientology’s former number-two man—gave sworn testimony accusing Clearwater-area judges and lawyers of criminal wrongdoing regarding another Scientology-related lawsuit.


You are under oath, Marty 001


Scientology, Clearwater, and Corruption

Attorney Lee Fugate; Scientology, Clearwater & Corruption

Permanent Injunction and Sanctions Pursuant to AllWritsAct-12-6-12

I was happy to have argued this case to the Appellate Court and get my friend Ken the victory he deserved. I only wish your son’s case had gotten the victory he deserved!

Declaration of Sue Rudd; David Miscavige

Character assassination of Ken Dandar by Steven D. Merryday

Attorney Ken Dandar-Steven D. Merryday 001

Ken Dandar, Estate of Kyle Brennan 001

Ken Dandar, Merryday 001

Steven D. Merryday, Ken Dandar 001

Steven D. Merryday, sanctions, Estate of Kyle Brennan 001

Deposition excerpt of S. Brennan

Kyle's room 001

Tom Brennan; A Weapon and Bullet List of Contradictory Statements 

A Weapon and Bullet List of Contradictory Statements

Deposition Excerpt of Defendant Tom Brennan 

Tom Brennan, A Scientology death, Kyle, weapon 001

Tom Brennan. Death of Kyle, Scientology, Weapon Safety 001


Affidavit of Victoria Britton

Steven Bohling, Weapon Statement 001

Wrongful Death Complaint-Excerpt


Wrongful Death Excerpt 001

Jennifer McCabe, Bernie McCabe, Pinellas County, Kyle Brennan, 001

Dr. Stephen McNamara  

Dr. Stephen McNamara, Kyle Brennan, Lexapro Withdrawl Symptoms 001

Dr. Stephen McNamara, Scientology Handling of Kyle Brennan 002

Dr. Stephen McNamara, Medication, Grappling, Ballivor, withdrawl side effects 001

Dr. Steven McNamara, doc. 2, Medicine, Truth, Justice and the American Way

Dr. Stephen McNamara, Cause of death, 002

“The Kyle Brennan investigation was merely a box to be checked on the way to a foregone conclusion in which only the victim is to blame.” 

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