Denise Miscavige Video Deposition Excerpt 

Detective Stephen Bohling of the Clearwater, Florida Police Department was the lead investigator looking into the extremely suspicious death of Kyle Brennan. His investigation, however, was careless, sloppy and perjurious. Many quandaries went unanswered and witnesses ( Denise Miscavige, husband Gerald Gentile and Tom Brennan) who’d obviously contradicted themselves walked away without further questioning. The result of Detective Bohling’s fraudulent behavior was a miscarriage of justice. In the end, the lies, the mishandling of information and the obstruction of justice came at the expense of a twenty-year-old college student whose existence to the corrupt powers-that-be in Clearwater, Florida was absolutely meaningless.

Kyle’s Computer; A Tangled Web (part 1 & II) 

Kyle’s Computer; A Tangled Web ( part I & II)

Tom Brennan; Computer Incompetence or Incompetent Lying? 

Tom Brennan; Computer Incompetence or Incompetent Lying?

Bohling, Computer CWP Report Excerpt 001

Bohling,Interview with Gerald Gentile,Lies,Scientology,Computer 001

Exhibit 3, Agent Barbara Mendez 001

Exhibit 3, Deposition of Agent Mendez 001

Agent Barbara Mendez, Detective Stephen Bohling, Blog Scientology, 001

Agent Barbara Mendez, FDLE 001.jpg

FDLE Agent Barbara Mendez, Detective Stephen Bohling, Computer 001.jpg

Declaration of Mia Brennan, 002

Declaration of Mia Brennan,Page 2 001

Declaration of Mia Brennan, 001

Mia Brennan Declaration, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, 001

Deposition Excerpt of Detective Stephen Bohling 

thirty-five documents

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Gentile-copying files for himself

Kyle's computer 009