Soon after the wrongful-death lawsuit was filed, numerous attempts were made to serve Tom Brennan. With each attempt—and they numbered at least four—an individual at the Brooklyn, New York, home would lie to the serving sheriff. According to the officer, he was told every time that “no one at the home knew of anyone by the name of Brennan, nor had anyone with that name ever resided there.”

I was the person doing the investigative work on Brennan’s location. (Few people realize that I’d studied criminology. I never dreamed, however, that I’d use what I’d learned in an investigation into the suspicious death of my child.) Every time the papers were returned, my attorney, Ken Dandar, would ask whether I’d made a mistake. I’d recheck, but the result was always the same–Brennan was staying at that Brooklyn address.

In April of 2009, Dandar received a misdirected e-mail from Carrie Brennan Farrell (one of Tom Brennan’s sisters), who lives in San Diego. Evidently, Farrell believed she was sending information to attorneys representing her brother. Written with the intent to discredit me by claiming that I’d expressed little concern for my son’s well-being, it provided amusement for the law office of Dandar & Dandar. (See Farrell’s e-mail pasted-in below.) Along with her morally repugnant and self-serving musings, Farrell erred in the timeline regarding Kyle’s travels. These two things would make it easy to discredit her as a witness. And in the end, she helped throw her brother under the bus. When she implied that she’d spoken to Tom Brennan in person, I suspected that Brennan was now out in San Diego.

Thanks to this correct guess, Brennan was served in July of 2009. Knowing that he’s frequently worked as a handyman, I searched the San Diego-area Craigslist. Sure enough, there he was: “Tom the Handyman.” When Kyle’s older brother called the number listed in the ad, he was able to positively identify the voice of his step-father. All it took was one word: “Hello.” Brennan was finally served with the complaint when a hired private investigator contacted him pretending that a room in his home needed painting. When Brennan entered the investigator’s home he was immediately shown a photo and asked if he was the individual pictured. Attorney Dandar was later told that when Brennan was served the color drained from his face and he said, “I thought you might find me.” Soon afterward he returned to live at the Brooklyn address where supposedly he had never resided.

Copy of Original Craigslist Ad

Sent: Mon, Jun 29, 2009, 8:52 pm
Subject: Brennan on Craigslist

Found Him! He is living in Oceanside, California. This is a suburb of San Diego. I will try to get an address.

June 27, 2009 … •••••••EXPERIENCED HANDYMAN SAVES YOU $$$$$••••••• … CALL TOM BRENNAN AT (760) 277-5488 FOR FRIENDLY, RELIABLE AND ECONOMICAL SERVICE. … – Similar pages
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Date: 7/16/2009 3:30:40 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Craigslist email Brennan served 001


                                 “Private Investigator Photograph of Tom Brennan” 

                                  Brennan’s answer to complaint after being served

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Tom Brennan, Clearwater to Craigslist, one 001

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Process of service record

Judge Steven D. Merryday, Sanctions against Brennan 001

Caryl Brennan Farrell, Scientology, Death of Kyle Brennan 001

Kyle Brennan, Caryl Brennan, Jeff Farrell, SanDiego 001

Canceled Depo-Farrell 001

Copy of email inadvertently sent to Attorney Kennan Dandar from Carrie Brennan Farrell.

* Note date of the email

Canceled Depo-Farrell 001

Exhibit, pg.9 001

* Date on the complaint

Carrie Brennan Farrell makes a gaffe when concocting the timeline in her email to Attorney Dandar. Farrell makes the statement “by this time Kyle had returned to Florida.” During this time Kyle was, in fact, camping on a beach in Hawaii. No one knew where my son was at that time as I had just filed a missing person’s report. Brennan Farrell’s concern ended for Kyle at the conclusion of that singular phone call.

Affidavit of Victoria Britton

Miscellaneous Email

Excerpt from Tom Brennan Deposition

Carrie Brennan Farrell, Death of Kyle Brennan, Scientology, 001

Carrie Farrell,Death of Kyle Brennan,Scientology, 001

Excerpts from the Deposition of Stephen McNamara, MD.

Attorney Lee Fugate attempting to corner Dr. Stephen McNamara with fabricated information.

The deposition of Caryl Brennan Farrell was canceled by attorneys representing the Church of Scientology one day before they were to occur. Her lies would go unchallenged.

For more information regarding the highly questionable events surrounding Kyle’s death, the extremely mishandled police investigation, and the perjured testimony given by the defendants please refer to “The Truth for Kyle Brennan” blog at