Truth is a necessary virtue that helps to keep society and communities safe, strong and cohesive. Without it we lose direction and our society becomes dysfunctional and chaotic. The public acceptance of blatant lying and perjury by those we’ve placed in positions of power should never be tolerated. Assertions and decisions made from a closed court along with the sole opinion from a judge over a jury system is unacceptable in our democratic society.

Our society has degenerated into a place where judges no longer make rulings based on the U.S. Constitution. The end result is that we all suffer from the repercussions of the self-serving agendas of “political appointees” within our judicial system.

Kyle Brennan had a fundamental right to have his case heard by a jury. Where a jury of his peers could have analyzed evidence to determine which side was being truthful.

Any lie under oath is serious. The truth is what drives our judicial system. If people do not come forward and tell the truth, we have no hope of making the judicial system work. If someone knowingly tells a lie under oath during any investigation it is every prosecutor’s duty to respond by investigating. The only way to preserve public trust is to respond to corruption.

In regard to police officers who commit perjury and obstruct justice:the public will give an officer the benefit of the doubt. We expect them to be truthful. When an officer lies-lives are ruined, justice is not served, and in criminal cases, the guilty go free while the innocent suffer. There needs to be accountability of the harshest measure for any member of law enforcement who commits perjury and obstructs justice.

“There is truth, and the truth demands respect.”

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