Excerpt from the Depostion of Victoria Britton

Defining a Scientology Security Check

In Scientology, the security check is a practice instituted by founder L. Ron Hubbard. It involves an “ethics officer” probing the thoughts, attitudes and behavior of an individual member by asking them large numbers of questions. The bulk of the questions deal with criminal or sexual activity or intentions, or other things the interviewee might be ashamed of. When being questioned the subject holds the electrodes of an E-meter as they hear and respond to questions.

SEC check

In 2006, after Kyle’s father learned that he was seeing a psychiatrist we started receiving a plethora of anti-psychiatry literature from the Church of Scientology.

Note; Brennan testified under oath that he never discussed Kyle’s psychiatric history with any member of the Church of Scientology.

Attorney’s representing The Church of Scientology and Denise Miscavige Gentile claimed in court documents that Miscavige had no knowledge of Kyle’s medication.

Excerpt from the Deposition of Tom Brennan:

Victoria Britton Statement

Wachovia Bank Statement of Kyle Brennan

Kyle’s last phone calls

Kyle received no incoming calls on the evening that he died.

The time frame given by Brennan

* The drive from the Florida State Fairgrounds to Downtown Clearwater or the Gentile home takes thirty-minutes.

Excerpt from the Clearwater Police Report.

Officer Jonathan Yuen Narrative

Excerpt from the Deposition Of Officer Jonathan Yuen

Yuen Depo,page 19,Handling,Kyle Brennan,Scientology 001

Excerpt from Officer Jonathan Yuen Deposition

Jonathan Yuen, Clearwater, Scientology,Handling Kyle Brennan 001

Excerpt from the deposition of Tom Brennan.

Depo of Brennan page 217 Lies about Kyle returning home 001

Excerpt from Britton Deposition

Brennan, sick of Kyle, 001

Statement by Victoria Britton

Scientology Vitamin Therapy

* note the February 15th date.

Excerpt from the deposition of Detective Stephen Bohling.

Detective Stephen Bohling, handling of Kyle Brennan, Scientology 001

Excerpt from the deposition of Dr.Stephen McNamara

Dr. Stephen McNamara, Scientology Handling of Kyle Brennan 001

Dr. Stephen McNamara, Scientology Handling of Kyle Brennan 002

Excerpt from the deposition of Tom Brennan

Tom Brennan depo, his son Kyle not worth the words,Blah,Blah 001

Excerpt from the Deposition of Dr. Stephen McNamara

Dr. Stephen McNamara, The Scientology Handling of Kyle Brennan 001