Officer Rockwell Silva-Lying to aid the Church of Scientology in the wrongful death of Kyle Brennan

I told the Albemarle County officer that I was worried about Kyle, that he’d lived a sheltered life and had in his possession thousands of dollars in cash, gold, and silver. I did not know where Kyle was so I pleaded with the officer: Could they please help me find him? The officer sympathized but said that because of the law he could not write a report. When I told him that Kyle was taking medication, he told me to look to see if Kyle had taken it with him—he had. When he asked how much he had taken, I stated more than one prescription worth.

Chapter two: vetting information

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Chapter thirteen: vetting information

Examination by Attorney Robert Potter for the defendant, The Church of Scientology, Flag Services.

* Deposition Dates



Attorney Robert Potter: Excerpts from the Deposition of Victoria Britton

* Attorney Potter has knowledge regarding the content of officer Silva’s testimony two weeks prior to him being deposed. Britton’s deposition was taken on June 17, 2010.

Emails from Attorney Ken Dandar

* Note Date

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Officer Rockwell Silva
Attorney Robert Potter: Silva deposition taken on July 2, 2010.

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Attorney Ken Dandar examination


Excerpts from the Deposition of G. Robinson

Information to disqualify Officer Silva:

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Dr. Stephen McNamara

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September 8, 2007-Email from attorney Luke Lirot-a synopsis of his first meeting and discussion with Detective Bohling. The story-line regarding “Kyle giving the medication to his father” was created at a later date to protect the defendants from liability in the wrongful death lawsuit.

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Information pertaining to the assault of Kyle Brennan

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Ducaine A. Siliado

Ducaine Vehicle

* The perjured testimony of officer Rockwell Silva was used by attorneys representing the Church of Scientology against the Estate of Kyle Brennan in the Eleventh Circuit, United States Court of Appeals in Jacksonville, Florida on September 14, 2012.

The recorded exchange between Detective Bohling and Attorney Lee Fugate

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For more information regarding the highly questionable events surrounding Kyle’s death, the extremely mishandled police investigation, and the perjured testimony given by the defendants please refer to “The Truth for Kyle Brennan” blog at