In April of 2009, Dandar received a misdirected e-mail from Carrie Brennan Farrell (one of Tom Brennan’s sisters), who lives in San Diego. Evidently, Farrell believed she was sending information to attorneys representing her brother. Written with the intent to discredit me by claiming that I’d expressed little concern for my son’s well-being, it provided amusement for the law office of Dandar & Dandar. (See Farrell’s e-mail pasted-in below.) Along with her morally repugnant and self-serving musings, Farrell erred in the time-line regarding Kyle’s travels. These two things would make it easy to discredit her as a witness. And in the end she helped throw her brother under the bus. When she implied that she’d spoken to Tom Brennan in person, I suspected that Brennan was now out in San Diego.

Estate of Kyle Brennan vs. The Church of ScientologyNotes: Attorney Kennan Dandar, Detective Ray Emmons

Deposition Questions –Information to Disqualify: Carrie Brennan Farrell: Cathy Brennan

Carrie, Cathy and Jeff had little contact with Kyle in his lifetime. They saw him no more than three times in twenty-years. When Kyle died the aunts never sent so much as a bouquet of flowers for his funeral.

Their brother Michael Ward Brennan has been missing for years. They have no idea if he is alive, dead or living on the streets. They have never bothered to look for him or file a missing persons report.

All of the Brennan’s have been arrested for drug possession at one time or another.

According to Carrie, Cathy is the person who picked up Kyle in California to bring him to Carrie and Jeff’s home. I was told by Carrie that Cathy forgot about Kyle and left him waiting all day in front of a Denny’s restaurant. Kyle asked to be taken to a hotel when she finally arrived. This was the only time that he would see Cathy in the five days that he spent in the Farrell’s guest house.

Can we ask Cathy about this?

Can we ask her about her relationship with Kyle?

How often did she visit him in Virginia? How many times in his life had she spent time with him?

(She did not know him well)

Did you grow up with weapons in your home?

Who owned the weapons?

It was claimed that the weapon that killed Kyle was an heirloom/sidearm that had belonged to the father, Myles Brennan. The truth–the man was an Auxillary police officer for a brief period of time with the Town of Wallingford,Connecticut. He was quickly thrown off and prohibited from ever rejoining the organization because he was arrested for drunken and lewd behavior. There will be a police record stating that Myles Brennan exposed himself in public while in a drunken state.

Did her siblings fire weapons? Tom?

Where were the weapons stored in the home?

(They were kept locked in a room located in the basement of their home. The the father was obsessed over with guns and pornography).

Did she and her siblings learn about gun safety when growing up?

Ask them about their other siblings as no one knows where Michael is or what has become of him.

How does she feel about her brother being a member of the Church of Scientology?

Brennan and The Church of Scientology were sending Scientology literature to Farrell’s home after learning that she had her sister institutionalized. (Carrie told me that she was angry over this and she had told Brennan to stop sending it).

Is she aware of Scientology’s anti-psychiatry beliefs?

Has she ever read the Scientology literature sent to her home?

Did she ever discuss Scientology and its anti-psychiatry beliefs with her brother?

Ken, Ray:

Carrie had her sister Cathy institutionalized in 2006. Cathy suffers from bi-polar disease. Carrie went through the courts to gain legal control/guardianship to have her sister committed.
Tom called me and spoke with me about this- he was livid.I recall Brennan telling me that he was thinking of disconnecting with Carrie over this. Brennan went on to say that Carrie should have sent Cathy to Clearwater as he would have taken care of her. He claimed to have better knowledge regarding how best to care for his sister.

This was a real sore spot between Carrie and Tom as she had let the doctors perform electric shock therapy on Cathy.

I should have paid closer attention to Brennan’s reaction and response to the situation with his sister. It was an indicator as to how he would respond with Kyle’s problem and medication.

Can we pull some questions from this information?

When did Kyle arrive at your home in San Diego?

How long did Kyle stay with you?

Did he stay in a guesthouse on your property?

Did you have any concerns about Kyle while he was staying in your guesthouse?

Did you speak with your brother Tom Brennan about Kyle’s well-being during this time?

Did you ask Kyle if he would like to speak with a counselor during this time?

Why did you think Kyle should speak with a counselor?
Was this counselor a personal friend of yours?

Did you discuss this with your brother?

The argument between Carrie and Tom was (according to Carrie) because of her suggesting that Kyle talk to her counselor friend.

How did he respond to your suggestion?

Did you ask Kyle if he was taking any type of medication?

Did Kyle discuss his medication with you?

Did Kyle tell you that his medication was helping him?

Did Kyle show you his bottle of medication?

(Carrie, told me in our conversation that Kyle showed her his bottle of medication and told her that it helped him.)

Did she discuss or express concern for Kyle’s well-being with her brother?

What was Brennan’s response to these concerns?

Did you get into an argument with your brother regarding how best to care for Kyle?

When did you speak with Victoria Britton?
How many times did you speak with Victoria on the telephone after Kyle left your home?

Did you contact homeless shelters in the San Diego area looking for Kyle?

How soon after Kyle left your home did you contact these shelters?

Did you provide these shelters with a photo of Kyle?

What is your cell phone number? In 2007?

Do you know a Joan Brennan?

Did you call Joan Brennan to inform her of Kyle’s death?

Did you tell Joan Brennan during this conversation that your brother had taken Kyle’s medication away from him?

(Joan Brennan is Michael Brennan’s “the missing brother’s” ex-wife) She called Tom after hearing about what had happened to Kyle and was disturbed by his behavior. Joan called me by phone to express her concerns several months after Kyle died. It was the first time that I had spoken with her in seventeen years. Joan said that Brennan expressed no sadness or remorse over the loss of Kyle. She was so disturbed by his attitude that she wanted to reach out to me to express her concerns. Joan told me that she felt that Tom had something to do with the death of Kyle. She made me promise that I would look into the situation. This call took place in May of 2007. Joan also stated that Carrie had told her that Tom had taken Kyle’s medication away from him. She went on to say “everyone knows that you can’t do something like that.”

Did you encourage Kyle to join the Coast Guard while he was staying with you?

(I found a paper with Carrie’s writing on it. The paper has the number of the San Diego Coast Guard recruiter also a note with an apartment relators number-in Carries handwriting.

Did you tell Kyle that he could no longer stay in your guest house because you needed to redecorate it?

Did you tell Kyle that he needed to find an apartment?

Did you tell him that you would help him find an apartment?

On what day did Kyle leave your home?

Did Kyle ever call or contact you again?

Do you think your brother is responsible for the death of your nephew?

Show her the email that she sent to Ken after she responds to that last question.

I hope this can be useful. I’ve attached the email that Carrie Farrell sent to Attorney Dandar. I cannot express in words the disgust I feel when I read it.

When she wrote this email she probably was unaware of the fact that I had written/recorded the content of our conversation. It can be verified with cross checking the phone records / missing persons report.

I hope this is of some help.

Attn: Ken

If Carrie knows that the phone records will be subpoenaed she may reconsider lying for her brother.

That she would chose to lie for her brother instead of encouraging him to do the right thing –to tell the truth, speaks volumes about her character.

Keep in mind that when she writes the email to you –she knows her brother is in California hiding. Farrell is obviously unaware that you are Kyle’s attorney.

It’s egregious and repugnant that Farrell would lie and say that the mother expressed no concern for her son. It’s also extremely disturbing the ease at which this individual abuses her credentials.

Take note that she has plastered her Facebook page with newly acquired suicide prevention credentials.

Conflicting information between siblings:Testimony of Thomas Brennan

Thomas Brennan’s statement regarding Kyle’s relationship with his Aunt Carrie Farrell:

In the Email written by Carrie Brennan Farrell dated 4/15/2009

In a misdirected correspondence with Attorney Ken Dandar, Carrie Brennan Farrell made a statement that she contacted Victoria Britton in January of 2007, and by this time Kyle was with his father. Farrell is not aware of the fact that Kyle was not with Tom Brennan at that time-he is in Hawaii. The reason for her error: She was not speaking with her brother during the time period that Kyle is camping on Maui.

The Farrell email was sent to Dandar in April of 2009. Farrell at this time is informed that there is a search underway for her brother. The sisters continue to hide Brennan for several months, until he was located when he posts an add seeking employment on Craigslist.

In the notes for trial, Britton writes: in the one conversation that I have with Farrell–a call that I initiated-Farrell tells me that she has had the biggest argument with her brother regarding his involvement with the Church of Scientology. Carrie had suggested that Kyle speak with a counselor to Tom and he blew a cork. This was the basis for the argument between Tom Brennan and his sister. Brennan was also very angry with Carrie for institutionalizing his sister Cathleen. It is my understanding that Carrie Brennan has custodial rights over Cathleen due to her issues with mental illness.

 Information for trial:

Brennan fled his wife’s home in Brooklyn, N.Y., when the wrongful death suit was filed. When papers were served at the Brooklyn address the sheriff was told by his wife that no one by the name of “Thomas Brennan” had ever lived there and that no one at that address had ever heard of a “Thomas Brennan.” After numerous attempts to locate and serve Brennan Judge Stephen Merryday gave the Brennnan Estate three months to find the father and serve him with papers. Attorney Dander was going to hire a U.S. Marshall to locate him. To save money, Victoria Britton who was a student of criminology and investigative procedures took on the task of locating her ex-husband.
Britton was able to trace Brennan to a Craigslist add that he placed in San Diego-he was seeking work as a handyman. An error that Brennan makes in his add was the contact phone number he listed had a Clearwater, Florida area code.
Kyle’s older brother Scott called the number knowing that when he answered the phone he would be able to recognize Brennan’s voice. Attorney Dandar had a friend of P.G. call Brennan claiming she needed a room painted in her home. When Brennan arrived to give her an estimate for the job he is served with papers.
Brennan’s comment: “I was expecting this—I knew it was coming.”
After being served he returns to Brooklyn, New York to the address where we had attempted to serve him months prior. The same address where they claimed that no one knew Brennan and that no person using that name ever resided.
It is during Brennan’s time hiding out in San Diego, California with his sisters that they concoct the story of Kyle saying he did not like his medication.
Take note that Brennan and Cathleen use the same wording when describing what they claim Kyle said about his medication.
In Cathleen’s affidavit she state’s that Kyle said “I hate this crap” when describing his med’s. In Thomas Brennan’s deposition he state’s that Kyle said “I hate this shit.” We know this is not the demeanor or language used by Kyle.
There would have been no frame of reference for Kyle to even mention his medication during the brief time that he spent with Cathleen.

This aunt had no personal relationship with Kyle.

The only time Kyle saw Cathleen while in California was when she had picked him up in front of a Denny’s restaurant. She left Kyle waiting for seven hours. She drove him to a hotel not to her apartment. She told Kyle that there is no room for him to stay with her. The next day Farrell decides that Kyle can stay in her guest house. Within a few days the aunt and uncle tell Kyle he needs to leave as they plan on having the guest house redecorated. Carrie Brennan Farrell also accused Kyle of stealing a copy of a “World Almanac.” This information and accusations were told to Britton by Farrell during their one and only conversation.
Britton notes: Farrell called me on her cell phone—I left her a message earlier in the day– she is returning the call. In my conversation with her she tells me that she is currently driving to the Sierra Nevada’s with her family for the weekend. Brennan Farrell profusely apologizes for not directly contacting me. She claimed she was concerned for Kyle. Farrell said she had asked Kyle if he was on medication and Kyle showed her the bottle of Lexapro. He told her that it helped him. She asked Kyle if he wanted to speak with a friend of hers who is also a counselor. Farrell claimed Kyle was not enthusiastic over the suggestion.

It is in this conversation that Britton is told that Kyle was asked to leave the guest house as it needed redecorating and the accusation regarding the stolen book is made.

When the conversation is occurring Britton said she is in Kyle’s bedroom—she takes note: Kyle’s “World Almanac” is not in his bookcase as he has taken it with him.

In the twelve years that Britton was married to Brennan she only saw Carrie and Cathleen Brennan a total of three times and they never spoke over the telephone.

This adds to the depraved indifference of Brennan Farrell’s comments made in her misdirected email to Dandar as she accuses the mother of not caring for her son.

In Britton’s notes she writes: in the one conversation that I have with Farrell –a call that I initiated-Farrell tells me that she has had the biggest argument with her brother over Scientology and Kyle’s mental health. She had suggested that Kyle speak with a counselor to Tom and he blew a cork-this was the basis for the argument- Tom Brennan had been angry with Carrie for institutionalizing his sister Cathleen-who had recently undergone electric shock therapy and was placed on lithium. I believe Carrie Brennan still has custodial rights regarding Cathleen.

Note: In the months after Kyle’s death Farrell posts numerous refrences on her Facebook page regarding her knowledge of suicide prevention.In the email to Dandar she uses/abuses her affiliation with a law enforcement agency to suggest a higher standard of integrity and honesty.